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I'm Not Drinking Dirty Water

Today's a rainy Saturday in Nashville so we've decided to stay home and clean the house. I've made several trips up and down the stairs today in our air conditioning and I think I've refilled my glass of water with fresh lemon about 3 times over the last few hours to try to quench my thirst.

As I was cleaning, I ran into some of the promotional videos that World Vision provides to us with the children we sponsor.The following video really struck me. I didn't have to walk 5 miles to get my water, I didn't need to think about rationing it for my family today, and I didn't have to worry about the risks of contracting a disease as a result of me drinking the water.

Please consider taking a few minutes to watch this. I'm extremely proud to have aligned our company, Abenity, with World Vision and I hope to one day see the needs of these children met through the generosity and love of others, who comparatively have so much more than them.


About the Author: Brian Roland is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Abenity, the 6x Inc. 5000 company that's powering corporate perks for top brands like U.S. Bank and Mastercard. While Abenity provides millions of subscribers with private discounts, the company's social mission is fighting extreme poverty with every program they deliver. Abenity recently exceeded $1 million dollars of total giving and hired a CEO to accelerate growth with their fully remote team. Brian lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family and enjoys roasting coffee, flying drones, and helping impact-driven entrepreneurs establish a social mission of their own.


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