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Is it possible that remote work isn't right for every company? I'm writing this series to prevent the acceleration of the epidemic of loneliness and growing resentment that today's laissez-faire approach to remote work is spreading within the marketplace. 

Introduction - Read Now

Alone @ Work explores the ups and downs, ins and outs, and lessons I've learned after more than a decade of building a connected, fast-growing, highly competitive, and mission-driven remote team. To follow this series, get free downloads, and join my community, text "remote" to +1 (615) 802-6853


Is Remote Work for You?

The stage is set for an epic talent war in the marketplace. The statistics are clear, the majority of employees want the benefits of a flexible working environment. However, many business owners don't see remote work as a viable longterm option for their business. Regardless, the data scientists at Ladders predict 25% of all professional jobs in North America to be remote by the end of 2022. Will you embrace popular opinion, stick with what's worked for you in the past, or look for a healthy middle ground?

Read Chapter 1 - September 2022



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Purpose at Work

For a while, COVID-19 provided companies with a Social Mission. Employees found work meaningful as their companies rallied around a common cause in the fight against an invisible enemy. This renewed purpose at work fueled corporate cultures with passion and a sense of community. As a result, many employees experienced the thrill of meaningful work for the first time, and leaders began to develop a sense of confidence in their newfound remote workforce. But what happens when the threat of COVID-19 is gone? Is remote work sustainable without a cause worth fighting for?

Read Chapter 2 - October 2022


Now Hiring! Anyone, Anywhere.

When it comes to hiring A+ remote workers, the world is your oyster. And while you're not limited by geography, there are several do's and don'ts within the hiring process that we follow. Our methods may seem unconventional at first, but they've helped us sustain a 97%+ year-over-year employee retention rate in a highly competitive job market. In this chapter, I'll unpack how we go about recruiting and hiring our virtual team and provide you with the one-page interview scorecard we've designed to help you hire better remote workers.

Read Chapter 3 - November 2022


Rules of Engagement

Learning to effectively communicate in a distributed environment plays a huge role in the kind of success you experience and culture you develop. Your team is made up of unique, complex individuals, all of whom have different communication styles and preferences. These differences can lead to some pretty unhealthy habits if you don't equip your team with clearly defined rules of engagement. 

Read Chapter 4 - December 2022

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